Join the III Percent Society

Membership Packages

Every III Percent Society Member receives a SWAG package including:
  • Personalized ID Card with unique Call Sign
  • Shoulder Patch
  • Tactical Cap w/ III/Stars Patch
  • Member Tab: Colonial, Minuteman, Son of Liberty
III Militiaman also receive a III Society T-shirt.

III Minuteman members also receive a III Arms Garrote & free training coupon from the Jedburgh Academy.

III Son of Liberty members also receive a III Arms OSS Push Dagger & kydex sheath.

III Percent Patriots members also receive an official III Percent Society AR 80% Build Kit (no 4473 or paper trail) built by III Arms Company.

All III Percent Society members in good standing will also receive invitations to the summer 2022 III Percent Rendezvous & 2022 FTX's & Expeditions.  SWAG Membership packages will be shipped after 60 days of membership in good standing.

Monthly Membership

Annual Membership

Donation to the III

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